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Pre-Campaign Assessments

We help gauge awareness, readiness

Often called a capital feasibility study, the Pre-Campaign Assessment is indicated whenever a church is unsure of:
    • The level of member awareness of the need for the proposed project, 
    • The church's readiness to move forward with the project as designed, and/or
    • Its ability to raise necessary funds to begin and possibly complete the project.

      A well-designed study will reveal how your members and regular attenders really feel about your church and its ministries, their evaluation of the proposed project, and the funds you can expect to raise for the project over a three-year giving period.

      Our Pre-Campaign Assessment process includes:

      • Planning and Readiness Assessment
      • Demographic Research 
      • Leadership Interviews
      • Member Surveys
      • Final Report and Recommendations.

      Planning & Readiness Assessment.
      During this first phase we meet with senior staff and lay leaders to review the proposed project, test their perception of the church’s readiness to proceed, conduct a comprehensive stewardship analysis, write the vision statement, design the member survey instrument, and determine those congregational leaders and potential donors to be personally interviewed. The staff is asked to identify a Feasibility Study Coordinator (volunteer or paid) to assist in scheduling leadership interviews and distributing member surveys.

      Demographic Research.

      Following the initial planning meetings with church leaders, we begin researching demographic indicators for the church’s ministry area. Data sources are selected with the highest reputation for reliability and accuracy. The information included originates from several sources: the U. S. Census Bureau, Claritas, Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates (WEFA), and the Ethos database developed by Percept.

      The demographic profile confronts and engages you with who the people in your ministry area really are. It stimulates and informs an adjustment in the direction of ministry, and allows you to “tune” your ministry closer to the needs of these people.

      Leadership Interviews.

      We personally interview a cross-section of individuals/couples from among your primary constituencies, testing for awareness of the proposed project and potential financial support for the project. These interviews are usually conducted at the church.

      Member Surveys.

      An extensive confidential questionnaire is distributed to all church households, testing for awareness of the proposed project and potential financial support of the project. Completed surveys are returned directly to Hewett Consulting for compilation and analysis.

      Final Report/Recommendations.

      After all interviews have been conducted and surveys analyzed, we return with a detailed written report, including specific recommendations on the scope, timing, and projected results of a capital campaign.