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Pre-Campaign Assessments

We help gauge awareness, readiness

Often called a capital feasibility study, the Pre-Campaign Assessment is indicated whenever an organization is unsure of:

  • the level of public awareness of the need for the proposed project,
  • the organization’s readiness to move forward with the project as designed, and/or
  • its ability to raise necessary funds to begin and possibly complete the project.

A well-designed study will reveal how your constituents really feel about your organization and its program, their evaluation of the proposed project, and the funds you can expect to raise for the project over a three-to-seven year giving period.

Our Pre-Campaign Assessment process includes:

  • an in-depth organizational analysis;demographic research of your constituency and region;
  • formulation of a compelling case statement;personal interviews with community and organizational leaders;
  • mail and/or electronic survey of your entire constituency; and
  • final report and recommendations.