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Lay Leader Training

Cultivate gifts of stewardship leaders

Given the reluctance most Americans have to fundraising in any form, it's surprising that churches are still able to enlist lay leaders to serve on stewardship committees.  Most stewardship committee members are recruited because they either have a background in finance or are already committed givers themselves. But being a good giver and knowing how to lead a congregation to change its culture of giving are two vastly different spiritual gifts.

At Hewett Consulting we excel in training congregational stewardship committees to conduct an intentional year-round ministry of stewardship development. We believe stewardship is primarily a spiritual issue, not a financial issue. God has already placed the dollars necessary to fund the church's mission and ministry in the pockets of the people. The job of the lay stewardship leaders is to cultivate members and regular attenders to consider the walk of faith and generosity that will transform their lives as well as bless their church.