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Development Planning

Plan for the long term with strategic goals

Fundraising is the servant of mission. It draws both its meaning and its essence from the ends served. It must always be "the lengthened shadow" of your organization, reflecting your vision, covenant, mission, and commitment to service.

Fundraising is not simply the art of making "the ask." It is a complex enterprise that seeks to involve people in service to your cause, a cause worthy of support. It is, in other words, a professional discipline. It moves in orderly fashion from preparation to planning to program execution to control to evaluation and back to the renewal of the plan.

Fundraising must function in a complex environment becoming more competitive each day. Thus, the secret of financial stability is diversity of funding. Organizations that confine their fundraising activity to direct mail, grantwriting, or special events, or who anxiously pursue increasing endowment through planned giving, are building a weakness into their structure.

The chances are quite likely that they are not involving themselves in the strategic planning that compels continued assessments of the needs germane to their missions. The chances are equally likely that they are not communicating properly with their constituencies or devoting much time to case renewal. They are not building a base of informed, involved, and supportive contributors who give because they are informed, involved, and committed to the organization and to all that it endeavors to accomplish.

We work with your staff and board to design a comprehensive development plan for your organization. This plan will: 

  • Establish clear fundraising objectives and goals for a 3 - 5 year period;
  • Set forth details of annual, special purpose, capital, planned and endowment giving initiatives over the course of the period;
  • Detail development schedules, budgets, policies and staffing;
  • Establish donor recognition policies;
  • Set out a clear and compelling public relations strategy; and
  • Identify prospective donors and funding sources.

It's an old saw, but it's true: Failing to plan is planning to fail.