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Development Audits

Are you ready to begin fundraising?

A development audit is an internal assessment of your overall fundraising program and your readiness to embark on new development ventures. We review past and current fundraising practices and programs and establish a framework for future development efforts. We look at involvement of staff, board and volunteers and make recommendations on how to increase the effectiveness of your human resources.

We also evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your development systems, including computer hardware and software, and offer recommendations for improvement. Finally, a development audit will help you look at your development efforts from your donors' point of view, offering suggestions on ways to improve donor communication and stewardship.

When is a Development Audit necessary?

At Hewett Consulting, we recommend a development audit whenever an organization:

  • Is dissatisfied with the results of its annual giving program
  • Would like to increase board participation in its development program
  • Wants to establish a baseline by which to measure its development program
  • Wants an independent review of how to make the development program more effective
  • Needs to diversify its funding streams
  • Is engaged in a strategic planning process
  • Is preparing to embark on a major capital or endowment campaign
  • Wants to take its program to a higher level

What are the goals of a Development Audit?

When conducting a development audit, we have three objectives in mind for your organization:

  • To produce more contributed income immediately
  • To implement proven fundraising practices that will help produce long-term growth in contributed income
  • To share the most effective techniques in cultivating stronger relationships with current supporters

Upon completion of the audit, we will present a proposed plan of action. Many of our clients see results equal to many times the professional fee in the first few months after the audit. The benefits continue to grow as the long-term cultivation of donors begins to pay dividends.