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"Every day, companies are bombarded with salespeople who present themselves as those who will look out for your specific company. They then proceed to show you their wares and ask you to fit into one of their items offered.
"For our organization, this was what was happening when we went out looking to retain fundraising counsel to lead us in the preparation of our board, a feasibility study and then a capital campaign. We were offered numerous previously devised programs from other vendors and were asked to fit ourselves into their mold in order for that program to fit us. We were never quite comfortable with that while we completely understood the reasons for it.

"When we met Dr. Hewett and heard what he had to offer, we felt like we had found what we had been looking for. While his company is not as large as some, what he offers is a program tailored to the needs of the particular organization. Also, he graciously taught our board and volunteers to do good work and gave them confidence to do what was needed, thus expanding the scope of the campaign. Our success proved that to be especially true. Our campaign was to raise $1.5 million and when all pledges were counted, we had $1.95 million pledged. As time has moved on, the continued success is evident in that the pledge payments stand at 94 percent, well above the average of pledge payouts. We attribute this to the good work done by our staff and volunteers under Dr. Hewett's leadership. We highly recommend Hewett Consulting to any organization intent on growth with integrity. We know it works."

Susan Burgess-Parrish, Executive Director
Habitat for Humanity of Anderson County, Tenn.

 "John Hewett's work brought clarity to our strengths and weaknesses and gave us the charge to move forward."

Marcie Kelso, Executive Director
The Light Factory
Charlotte, N.C.

"John Hewett, of Hewett Consulting was instrumental in helping our Board of Directors refine our mission and vision. He listened to our needs, crafted them into marketable terms and pointed us toward the solutions needed to maintain and grow our arts organization. We are grateful for his assistance."

Martha Bartz, Executive Director
The Ethos Consortium, Inc.-Great Music for Great Causes

"When faced with the need to retire two million dollars in debt during most difficult economic times, we knew we needed help. What we got was a friend whose remarkable skill begins with an uncanny love for and understanding of the church and its people. John is bright, insightful, warm and good humored. He quickly earned the respect and trust of our people, even some who had steadfastly opposed the project and the idea of professional leadership.

"Dr. Hewett was more than instrumental in helping us exceed our financial goals. Without his leadership, I am certain that we would have pledged far less, frustrated our people far more, and deterred our staff from the daily demands of ministry.

"The feasibi
lity study told us things about ourselves that we needed to know. It not only showed that the project was doable, it told us just how it could be best done. This invaluable information, all self-generated, gave us confidence, direction and clear guidance on what to do and not do. The investment of time, personal input and expense paid for itself many times over. I would not have wanted to embark on this campaign without having done this first. 

"We began with the need to retire $2 million dollars in debt in the midst of very uncertain financial times. The timing was questioned, as was our capacity to succeed. Dr. Hewett helped us see that we could indeed meet the challenge, showed us how and led us there. Our pledges exceeded our debt. But the greatest victory was seeing stewardship embraced, new leadership emerge and folks from varied generations, mindsets, preferences and loyalties come together to meet the need.

"As a pastor who has led our church through three capital campaigns, let me say some things as strongly as I know how. First, no matter what some of your people say, you do not want to attempt such a project without skilled help. It will decrease your returns, increase congregational tension and pull you away from the calling your people need and expect you to carry out. Secondly, I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job for us than that which Dr. John Hewett has done. John showed up with a wealth of experience, ability and spiritual sensitivity. He worked hard for us and with us. And with the campaign complete, he continues to do so."

Dr. Glen Money
First Baptist Church
Monroe, Ga.


Friends of Hickory
Hickory, North Carolina

Exodus Homes - Exodus Works
Hickory, North Carolina

Habitat for Humanity of Catawba Valley (2)
 Hickory, North Carolina

Humane Society of Catawba County (2)
 Hickory, North Carolina

Junior Achievement of Central Carolinas (2)
 Charlotte, North Carolina

Duvall Homes, Inc.
 DeLand, Florida

Theatre Charlotte
 Charlotte, North Carolina

Hickory Soup Kitchen (2)
 Hickory, North Carolina

The Matthew 25 Center
 Tabor City, North Carolina

Hickory Community Theatre
 Hickory, North Carolina

Presbyterian Historical Society (2)
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Light Factory
 Charlotte, North Carolina

Union Academy (2)
 Monroe, North Carolina

Alliance of Baptists
 Atlanta, Georgia

Habitat for Humanity of Anderson County (2)
 Oak Ridge, Tennessee
 The Multicultural Alliance

 Fort Worth, Texas

Allied Arts of Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Philharmonic

 Schermerhorn Symphony Center
 Nashville, Tennessee

Supportive Child-Adult Network (SCAN)
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

University of North Texas Health Sciences Center
 Fort Worth, Texas

The Sisters of St. Margaret
 Boston, New York, Haiti

Presby's Inspired Life
 Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania

The Ethos Consortium, Inc.
 Charlotte, North Carolina

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