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Capital Campaigns

How capital projects can become a reality

A capital campaign presents a strategic opportunity to increase your church's capacity and raise its visibility while constructing new facilities, renovating or expanding existing facilities, retiring debt, or growing endowment. Since churches tend to conduct major capital campaigns about once every ten years, you should plan to make the most of this extraordinary opportunity to lift your congregation's sights.

Hewett Consulting leads capital campaigns for churches of every denomination, affiliation, style and size.  We tailor our approach to your needs, your project, and your people.

Church capital campaigns are exercises in exuberant faith!  They invite members and regular attenders to go on a journey of faith, structured around the spiritual disciplines of prayer, grace, gratitude and sacrifice.

Church campaigns are typically conducted in seven consecutive phases over a period of 16-20 weeks.


In the first phase we work with your campaign planning committee to custom-design a capital campaign for your church. This phase is ideally done well in advance of the campaign launch, so that all subsequent phases can unfold unhurriedly from a carefully crafted design. This process yields a comprehensive written campaign plan that:

  • Establishes clear campaign objectives and goals;
  • Makes recommendations to elected leaders on the fundraising goal, schedule, budget, policies, and staffing;
  • Establishes donor recognition policies;
  • Sets out a clear and compelling communications plan; and
  • Identifies prospective donors and candidates for campaign leadership.

Once the plan is clear and the strategy sound, we present the entire program to the congregation in an open orientation meeting, followed by several days of individual leader enlistment. Hewett Consulting enlists the entire leadership team, ensuring that each person receives clear expectations of specific responsibilities and time requirements.


We train the leadership team and all the working groups enlisted as the campaign unfolds. We provide detailed operational manuals to guide their work. We are also on site for all subsequent progress review meetings, and available 24/7 by telephone, fax and email.


This series of informational meetings, publications, cultivation events and personal visits is designed to prepare members, friends and church alumni to make sacrificial financial commitments to the capital campaign.


The culmination of the campaign, the four-week challenge phase invites members, friends and alumni of the church to make sacrificial gifts to fund the compelling cause. Commitments are received at a congregation-wide event to celebrate the campaign’s conclusion and announce the pledge totals, with giving commencing two to three weeks later.

Follow Up.

Without consistent follow up over the giving period, churches rarely receive more than 65%-70% of the total pledged. We train the Follow Up Team to implement a carefully designed plan to keep the project before your people and gifts coming in. Following the celebration event, we return for an initial follow-up visit and then remain available to the Follow Up Team throughout the campaign giving period by cellphone, email, and conference call at no additional fee.


  The cost of a capital campaign, including consulting fees, typically equals 5% - 7% of the total dollars pledged. Additional campaign expenses include publicity and promotion, printing, postage, DVD/video production, and various hospitality expenses. The preparation phase includes the formation of a detailed campaign budget so these expenses may be anticipated and budgeted well in advance.