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Capital Campaigns

How capital projects can become a reality

A capital campaign presents a strategic opportunity to increase your organization's capacity and raise its visibility while constructing, expanding or enhancing facilities, building endowment, or paying off debt. Since capital campaigns happen rarely, you should plan to make the most of this extraordinary opportunity to lift your organization's sights.

Hewett Consulting leads capital campaigns for nonprofit organizations and churches. Though the approaches are markedly different, the basic strategies are the same. All capital campaigns are carefully organized and highly structured, use volunteers in face-to-face solicitation, raise money through sequential solicitation for specific needs with a specific dollar goal, rely on lead gifts early in the process, and allow donors to pledge gifts to be paid over a number of years.

Church campaigns usually last 16-20 weeks, followed by a 3-year giving period. Organizational campaigns take longer, and typically utilize 5- to 7-year giving periods.