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Annual Stewardship Campaigns

Tithes, offerings secure the future

Most churches live week to week off the free-will tithes and offerings of their members and regular attenders. These unrestricted gifts fund your church's ministries, staff, programs and mission. They are the lifeblood of your congregation. 

Since tithes and offerings are the "bread and butter" of any congregation's stewardship effort, we are committed to helping churches excel in growing faithful, committed stewards. After conducting a comprehensive stewardship analysis of your existing giving, we help you develop a new, strategic plan for annual stewardship development which will change the culture of giving in your congregation, yielding a financially healthy and robust church.. 

We'll know we have changed that culture when:

  • Your church has established a culture of honesty, accuracy and complete transparency in all financial matters
  • Your church has sufficient income to employ adequate staff, provide administrative support, and ensure stable services and ministries
  • Your church retains a positive cash fund balance at the end of each fiscal year
  • Your church has a cash reserve of at least three months’ operating income needs
  • In years where an operating deficit may occur, your church has accumulated surpluses sufficient to cover the current year’s cash deficit
  • Your church has established and funded an unrestricted endowment equal to three times operating income needs
  • Your church fully subscribes its annual ministry budget and its various mission offerings.