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Annual Giving

Build programs through regular giving

Few nonprofits can ever earn enough income to cover all their expenses.

So they turn to individuals, businesses, foundations, government and other sources to make up the difference through regular contributions. In this challenging economy, annual giving is more crucial than ever.

This regular, direct appeal for unrestricted donations which can be used immediately for your organization's most important needs and opportunities - programming, staff recruitment and enlistment, facility operation and maintenance - is the lifeblood for your nonprofit. Annual Giving allows you to solve problems as they arise and seize unexpected opportunities.

Since annual giving is the "bread and butter" of any development effort, we are committed to helping our clients excel in this basic fundraising practice. After conducting a comprehensive development audit of your existing annual giving plan, we help you develop a new, strategic plan for annual giving which will move your organization into the best and latest innovations in direct marketing, telefundraising, electronic and online solicitation, volunteer solicitation, prospect research, data management, and donor stewardship.